The Best VPNs for Torrenting 2023

Today, copyright violations may have significant repercussions. For the sake of safety and anonymity while using torrents, many users choose to use a reputable VPN provider.

Media businesses work to keep track of user IP addresses and manage torrent flow. Depending on where you live, you may be accused of copyright infringement.

How will using a VPN protect me?

Your true IP address is hidden from the server address when you connect to the VPN server.

Your Internet service provider cannot see your actual online behaviour since the link between your device and the server is encrypted.

Additionally, a VPN enables you to get around torrent sites’ geo-restrictions.

How will using a VPN protect me

The Best Virtual Private Networks for Torrent


One of the most well-known and versatile VPN services, ExpressVPN offers high-speed connections, has servers in more than 90 countries, and can be downloaded on all major operating systems.

The service is good for watching streaming video and downloading torrents because it has a large server network with more than 2000 servers and unlimited bandwidth. 


The AES-256 encryption technique, an emergency shutdown feature, and data leakage prevention are all features of ExpressVPN.

As a result, using torrents is safe and secure for maintaining secrecy online.


By establishing an encrypted data channel, CyberGhost VPN offers anonymity while using different internet resources.

CyberGhost is excellent for anonymous torrenting and getting over regional banning because of application security and split tunneling.

Traffic is encrypted using the AES 256-bit method to increase security. Additionally, user activity records are not saved by this service.



Due to the availability of nearly 4000 servers spread across more than 60 locations worldwide, Nord is one of the fastest VPN services.

The usage of practically all encryption protocols, including double encryption and encryption using military-grade technology, is one of the key benefits of this VPN service.

The service doesn’t record user activities, either. For quick and anonymous torrenting from any location on the globe, NordVPN is a fantastic option.



One of the top VPN services in terms of factors like high security and affordable subscription prices is Private Internet Access. Maximum user privacy is this service’s top priority.

The PIA immediately disconnects the Internet connection in the event of an emergency, disconnecting communication with the VPN server and preventing data leakage.

Because Private Internet Access servers are P2P network-optimized, downloading torrent files is secure and private.



Ivacy VPN provides quick access to a variety of blocked web resources, complete online privacy, and a wide range of servers spread across 50 different countries.

When connecting to a server, a service of your choice may connect using one of several protocols, for instance, to watch streaming video or download torrent files secretly.

Ivacy protects your data well because it uses 256-bit SSL encryption and doesn’t keep logs of what users do. 


Other VPN Services That Might Suit You

We do not include all VPN services that will keep you secure while using torrents. The following list may be used:

– Windscribe
– IPVanish
– HotSpot Shield
– SurfShark
– SaferVPN
– Strong VPN
– Avast
– VPN Unlimited

Using VPN providers that are not on our list is not something we advise.

Other VPN Services That Might Suit You

Are free VPNs dangerous for a torrent?

It’s often dangerous to use free VPN services to download torrent files.

In the best-case scenario, most situations will have restrictions, such as slow data transmission rates, a small number of servers, and a lack of P2P authorization.

To make sure you buy a premium membership, do this.

In the worst situation, you run the danger of losing your private information.

Free VPN providers often commercialise, so they are prepared for any ploys, such as selling your data to other parties.

Free VPN services are not advised, and downloading “hacked” pirated copies of well-known VPN services through a torrent is also not advised.