Tekken 3 Game Download For Pc

Tekken 3 Game Download For Pc

Free Download Tekken 3 Game Download In Pc – Tekken 3 Game For Pc

The best arcade games of its time Tekken 3 Game For Pc is now available on the android platform.

Tekken 3 Game Technicle Information

Initial release date: 20 March 1997
Arcade system: Namco System 12
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer
Series: Tekken
Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Namco, BANDAI NAMCO, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Developers: Namco, Production I.G
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Minimum System Requirments For Tekken 3 Game For Pc

  • CPU: Pentium 4
  • Hard disk space: 100 MB
  • Sound Card: Sound card compatible with Windows
  • Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Memory RAM: 256 MB
  • Processor: 600 MHz
  • Video Card: 32 MB
  • Mouse and keyboard

How To Download Tekken 3 Game In Pc?

  1. Click To Download Now Button.
  2. After Download File And Unzip File.
  3. Then Open File And Click To Install Setup.
  4. After Install And Enjoy The Game Of Tekken 3 For Pc.
  5. Thank you, Enjoy the Game.

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Overview Of Tekken 3 Game

The game had quite a few new characters as there was a major revamp in order to keep this particular thing alive and kicking. There were different modes available in the game including the home version with modes like Tekken Ball and Tekken Force. Tekken 3 Game For Pc turned out to be quite a popular game with a sale of more than 8.5 million. Even on Play Station 4, the sales of this game were the fourth-best which is a big number. With different arcades and tournament matches, the game has got the interest of everyone and also because there have been some serious changes to the previous editions of the game without any concern.

Tekken 3 Game Graphics For Pc

Wow, wow, and more wow. Talk about fluid and beautiful graphics. Before Tekken 3 Game was released, there was talk about an add-on pack or something so it would be able to handle the graphics of the arcade game. Well, the developers have managed to give you arcade-quality graphics with no add-on required. Sure, you lose a little in the backgrounds but the characters don’t look nearly as blocky as they did in the past and their movements are all fluid and natural. It was amazing to just sit back and watch someone else play the Tekken 3 Game For Pc. The characters all reacted realistically. For example, when you hit someone in the side, they hunched over like they were hit in the side. This made the game very realistic looking.

Review Of Tekken 3 Pc Game

When the two previous installments of the Tekken 3 Game series hit the PlayStation, they had one thing in common: Both were improved over the arcade version. Still, we had our doubts over whether Tekken 3 would make an equally stunning home translation. From what we have seen so far (admittedly, only screenshots), the game looks nearly arcade perfect.

Tekken 3 Game Download For Pc Review 1
Tekken 3 Game Download For Pc Review
Tekken 3 Game Download For Pc Review
Tekken 3 Game Download For Pc Review


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