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Emotional Status & Captions : Life doesn’t go smooth always. Sometimes, there come upsetting things and the unexpected incident occurs that could make you feel down or emotional too. When any disappointing things happen in life, relationship or even friendship, it’s better to share with someone close and let the emotion flow.

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Ultimate emotional Whatsapp status in English. New Love Sad Alone Miss U Cry Pain Hurt Angry Sorry Cheat Flirty Breakup Attitude Life Faith Gym Art Busy Cute Exam Rain Crush Music Funny Short Selfie Single Selfish Thanks Unique School Friends Naughty Sisters Brothers Happiness Emotional Devotional Technology Motivational Heart Touching Hindi …

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ii) One Line Emotional Whatsapp Status in English. Emotion is attached with us from the day we are born. Crying is an emotion, as well as laughing, is also an emotion. We can be emotional when something close to our heart, struck us in a good way or struck us in a bad way. A person who has never cried in his life can be emotional too.

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Emotional Status is directly linked to our mental state. Being emotional is related to the chemical changes variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure. These statuses are often intertwined with mood, temperament, personality. They often lead us to different directions most of the time.

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One of the most common types of formal evaluation in psychiatry, psychology, and related fields is the mental status examination (MSE). The MSE can provide future report readers with a valuable window into how a client presented at a given time, including both negative signs and positive factors. In this article, we describe in detail standard components of the MSE and provide tips on how best to …

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17/05/2018  · Sad situations can take all of our energy, spirit and happiness, it is defined as the emotional pain characterized by feelings of sorrow, loss, disadvantage, helplessness, despair, disappointment etc. In this situations Sad Quotes About Life are needed when you don’t have words to express that you are in an emotional mood. … Heart Touching Life Status in English, Sad Life Facts, …

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How do you post emotional status on social media?

You may post the emotional status on Whatsapp, in a Facebook post or with your pictures on Instagram. Also, you can tweet or text emotional status messages to someone whom you want to share your touchy feelings. Life goes on… with or without you. How many times can your heartbreak until there no more pieces to break?

What is a good emotional status for a friend?

Emotional Status for Friend. I myself am the only friend I have. Just like our fights, I am sure our goodbye too will be short-lived. I promise to think of our beautiful memories, but never to think of them as the past. This isn’t a status…this is just to show that no status matches my feelings right now.

What does a mental status examination consist of?

Examination of Mental Status. The mental status examination is an assessment of current mental capacity through evaluation of general appearance, behavior, any unusual or bizarre beliefs and perceptions (eg, delusions, hallucinations), mood, and all aspects of cognition (eg, attention, orientation, memory).

How to express your emotions on social media?

Here are some emotional statuses, captions and heart touching emotional quotes you will find helpful to express your emotion. You may post the emotional status on Whatsapp, in a Facebook post or with your pictures on Instagram. Also, you can tweet or text emotional status messages to someone whom you want to share your touchy feelings.