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Banabhatta. A great poet of India, Banabhatta was born around the 7th century in a village in India. He was born in Pritikuta village, which was situated on the banks of Hiranyavahu. This village used to exist in the district, which is now called, Chhapra. He was born to Chitrabhanu and Rajadevi and his was a family of vatsyayana gotra.

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• Bana (1898). The Parvati Parinaya of Banabhatta, with Sanskrit Commentary, English Notes and Tr., by T.R. Ratnam Aiyar. Madras.
• Bana (tr. G. Layne), Bāṇabhaṭṭa Kādambarī. A Classic Sanskrit Story of Magical Transformations (New York: Garland, 1991). Scan at
• Harshacharita :The Harshacharita (Sanskrit: हर्षचरित, Harṣacarita) (The deeds of Harsha), is the biography of Indian emperor Harsha by Banabhatta, also known as Bana, who was …

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Banabhatta, the First Sanskrit Dramatist . A great sanskrit poet of India, Banabhatta was born around the 7th century in a village in India. Born in a Brahman family, he was a poor but clever child. Even during his childhood, he showed signs of great potential and finished his education with much dedication and hard work. He was the son of a learned Brahman and went on to …

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Banabhatta was a 7th century Sanskrit prose writer and poet and was the Asthana Kavi in the court of King Harshavardhana.Harsha’s reign was from 606 to 647 CE in North India extending from Sthanvishvara, current day Thaneswar, to Kannauj.Banabhatta is considered to be one of the greatest ornaments in the literary circle of Harshavardhana.

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22/02/2015  · Banabhatta was the Asthana Kavi in the court of King Harsha Vardhana who reigned from C. 606- 647 CE in North India first from Sthanishvara (Thanesvar), and later Kanauj. Bana’s principal works …

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23/05/2020  · Banabhatta introduced the writing styles of biography and autobiography into classical Sanskrit literature, and is also regarded as the first poet historian and autobiographer in ancient India (Krishnamoorthly 1-2). There is some evidence to suggest that the tradition of romantic fiction in ancient Sanskrit that Bana writes in may be as old as Patanjali, a significant …

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Banabhatta, at the commencement of his Kadambari, submits his salutations to his teacher Bhravu, who was also respected by the kings of the Mukharin dynasty – (namami bharvos-carana-ambuja-dvayam sasekharair moukharibhih krtarcanani). The commentator, Bhanuchandra, however, mentions that Banabhatta’s teacher was known as Bhatusa or …

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‘बाण भट्ट सातवीं शताब्दी के संस्कृत गद्य लेखक और कवि थे। वह राजा हर्षवर्धन के आस्थान कवि थे। उनके दो प्रमुख ग्रंथ हैं: हर्षचरितम् तथा कादम्बरी। हर्षचरितम् , राजा हर्षवर्धन का जीवन-चरित्र था और कादंबरी दुनिया का पहला उपन्यास था। कादंबरीपूर्ण होने से पहले ही बाण भट्ट जी का देहांत हो गया तो उपन्यास पूरा करने का काम उनके पुत्र भूषण भट्ट ने अपने हाथ में …

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